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For all IP holders, screenplay writers, and filmmakers in development.

These are the services that we will provide to enable you to actually fund your project from either your investors or through our network and film funding options. We operate depending on whatever level you want us to and by what we bring to the table.

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The Development, Production Business tools and implementation of them below are part of a business and film financing model that Masterpeace Films implements as a solution to mitigating investment risk in the film industry. Our investor centric model when utilizing our detailed development and production, structure, not only makes for a detailed roadmap for investors to see a transparent and detailed timeline and revenue breakdown, but also a thorough breakdown and schedule to guarantee a completion bond and no capital recalls. It is also crucial to our own investors and film finance
partners if we are to present your project to them.


Business Meeting

Studios spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in the motion picture
development process which, is equivalently transparently presented here for clarity of the essentials to elevating a project from script to screen and eventual substantial success.

Fees for these services, which are essential to successfully funding and producing your film, start at $2,000 for basic budgets to around $25,000 which would include the whole gamut listed below.

To make your IP or screenplay “Shark Tank Ready” needs a viable plan that results in funding the motion picture’s budget, and requires these ordered action steps as follows:

1. Generating above the line contracts for appropriate credited Producers, Director,
Writer, 2nd Unit Director, Lint Producer/UPM, proposed lead actors.
2. Budget top sheet with back-up Break-downs/Schedule/Day-Out-Of Days/Budget, etc.
3. List of Comp motion pictures with profits.
4. Using Comps generate profit potential financials.
5. Cash flow.
6. Timeline
7. Distribution and revenue return plan.
8. Third party escrow collections process defined.

You as a producer /or IP Owner will be able to use the above tools to secure interest and or finance the movie. The info below elaborates on both the tools and how the overall financing process will be implemented.

Director of Photography
Creative Director

To finance, financiers look for an appropriate assessment of three main issues:

1. Saleable product
2. Effective Marketing
3. Financial structure

The following accounts for all of the above as well as is what was discussed to increase financiers’ appetites with minimal risk and higher profit potential:

1. Screenplay literacy review for logline clarity and to ensure all genre(s) beats are addressed.
2. Extensive Breakdowns to insure all elements are anticipated.
3. Realistic schedule to insure staying on budget as well as completion bond compliant.
4. Bondable Budget (for an additional fee an LOI from the bond company) to ensure no additional financing required.
5. Accurate actor assessment for metrics to ensure better pre-sale estimates and provide a profitable position before production begins.
6. Estimated return amounts integrated into the budget from jurisdiction authorities to insure accurate tax rebate.
7. If required, costs for senior debt paid in advance against pre-sales and tax rebates.
8. Matching funding suggestions and costs which are usually equal with equity.
9. For additional costs provide preliminary previously vetted boilerplate Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) or an Exempt Note Offering (ENO) finance structure allows for IRA/Roth fund use with-profits repatriated tax-free and or long-term capital gains with reduced tax liabilities as well as mentioned below. Both will require licensed lawyers to review and approve with financing closings.
10. PPM or ENO provides 7.5% annual yield with a guaranteed minimum 2-year call back including convertible notes to stock if production decides to join for additional costs IPO. Can obtain for $125-150,000 all in which includes all legal preparation, filing fees and broker contacts.
11. Investor return may also include additional when and where available, guaranteed sales tax rebate.
12. Introductions to last in first out P&A fund which allows for investor participation at top of the waterfall as well as avoidance of excessive charges from studio ultimate’s and from overages resulting when implementing mixed cash/accrual accounting practices.
13. Available lower-priced union tier contracts providing for annexing top crew at way below standard studio rates.
14. Where possible avoidable payments of excessive union residual bond fees which allows more funds available for higher production value.
15. Boilerplate agreements, pre-negotiated bids and product placement deals allow for more savings created from min pre-production time requirements.
16. Know-how for “360" deals allows for access to major songs and post products for discounted rates.
17. If renewed, HR tax code Sec. 181 will provide the company with 100% tax write off.
18. The CAMA (Collection Accounts Management Agreement) allows for transparent
escrow clearing house with predetermined waterfall algorithms for all revenue corridors. International Entertainment CPA firms to check CAMA. Collection Law firm to incentivize scheduled and appropriate payments.
19. ISA bids (additional costs) which provide IP package valuation along with adjusted
bondable budget. Also, recommendations for distribution sources for digital downloads and subscription services for aftermarket rentals/purchases are flat-rate charges and monitored by aggregator provides higher profit potential by saving on archaic huge distribution fees.
20. And for look book (extra costs), an all-encompassing social networking program for
maximum penetration and response from targeted audiences

These are the basic services we offer within our development of business tools. However there are added services we can add on that can be discussed including aiding in the attaching of key production personnel and acting talent, and distribution commitments. Our agreement with you on how we are engaged and what we deliver to you upon receipt of fees that we agree on...and depending on the services provided, may include producer credits, salaries and equity participation) upon funding.

Image by Noom Peerapong
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